Frequently asked questions

How does payment work?

Golden Eye Trucking takes great pride in NOT charging any upfront cost; This means that you pay NOTHING until your vehicle is picked up & delivered. Payment is broken down into two payments: Dispatch Fees: After your vehicle is picked up your dispatch fees will be authorized and placed on hold (this is NOT a sales charge). Depending on your route Dispatch Fees can range between $150-$400. Dispatch fees are charged on delivery. Carrier Pay: This is the remaining balance that must be paid directly to the driver in Cash or Cashiers Check on delivery unless instructed otherwise in writing by Golden Eye Trucking.

How long does it take to pick up my car?

Golden Eye Trucking offers 2 types of services. Standard Shipping Service: With Standard shipping service typically we will have the vehicle or vehicles picked up within 48hrs of the first available pickup date. However If the pickup/delivery locations are off the beaten path ( in ther middle of nowhere) we will request a few days to get a driver on that route. Dates are NOT gauranteed when standard shipping is selected. Expedited: With Expedited shipping service Dates are GAURANTEED within 48hrs of the first availabe pickup date. Prices are typically $200-$400 more on top of standard rate.

How long will it take to Deliver my car?

Depending on your particular route shipping time varies. Here are some examles: North to South (Ny to Fl)- 3-5 Days West Coast to East Coast (CA TO NY)- 5-7 Days Shipping times are only estimates. The driver will coordinate directly to give exact time frames.

Is my car insured?

Yes! All of our trucks are fully insured and hold full coverage cargo insurance. Drivers will complete a condition report on pick up and delivery and both parties will sign. Proof of insurance can be provided upon request.

Can i put items in my car?

Auto carriers are not licensed to carry Household Goods. However 100lbs will be allocated for personal belongings to be put inside the vehicle. if for some reason you are in need of more please Contact Us

What is included in my price?

Your price includes Tax, Tolls, Full Coverage Insurance and Door-To-Door service.

What kind of trucks are used to ship my car?

Depending on what type of transport you require we have access to a wide variaty of transport trailers including: Open Trailers that carry between 1-9 Vehicles at a time. Enclosed Trailers that carry between 1-6 vehicles at a time. Flatbed/ Lowboy Trailers that are neccecary for specialized vehicles that are oversized. No matter what type of vehicle you need shipped we have the right truck for you.

Will my car be moved from truck to truck?

No! Your vehicle stays on the same truck throughout transport. The only reasons a vehicle would be transfered to another truck is if the truck has broken down and another truck was dispatched to complete the load.

What if my car is damaged during shipping?

In the very rare case your vehicle is damaged it is most important to have those damages recorded on the bil of lading. Photos and/or video of the damage is recomended as well. A claim will be filed in the case of damages directly with the carriers insurance company.

How Far in advanced should i book my auto transport?

There is no requirment to book in advanced, However if you want to secure a certain time frame on pick up or delivery it is recomended that you book at least 5-7 days in advanced. this way you avoid paying expedited rates for a last minute request.

Can i cancel my reservation?

It depends on the status of your order: Not dispatched order if your order has NOT been dispatched for pick up, your reservation can be canceled and dispatch fees will NOT be charged. Dispatched order If your order has been dispatched for pick up, you will be charged $199 service fee for services rendered. even though the vehicle was not picked up once a vehicle is dispatched that spot is reserved and dispatch fees are assesed. YOU ARE NOTIFIED VIA EMAIL AS SOON AS YOUR ORDER IS DISPATCHED. AT THIS POINT, WE HAVE ALREADY MADE A RESERVATION FOR YOUR VEHICLE. THERFORE, DUE TO SERVICES RENDERED, WE WILL CHARGE $199 TO THE CARD YOU HAVE PLACED ON FILE.